RK Associates was founded in 1996 by Richard Korts. Richard saw the coming of the internet boom & decided to focus his extensive experience with business computer applications databases to the emerging internet platform.

Richard Korts, founder/ owner

Richard Korts, founder/ owner


Because of just having previously worked as manager of Systems and Programming at Hunter Industries, Richard’s initial projects focused on the irrigation industry, including building the original web site for Hunter Industries in conjunction with the Hunter Marketing Department.


Other projects followed, including building websites for irrigation contractor companies. Later, Richard worked with Computer Sciences Corporation who was managing all the IT capability for the County of San Diego. RK associates built a full scale web based Service Request application where County employees could request IT services on-line.


Many other robust internet applications followed, including the more recent projects described here>>


Prior to founding RK Associates, Richard spent 3 years as director of Systems and Programming at Hunter Industries in San Marcos, CA. Prior to that, Richard was IT director for Simpact Associates, a San Diego based electronics and software company.


Before that, Richard co-founded Base 8, inc., a computer consulting start-up in San Diego, where clients included The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences, The US Naval Weapons Center at China Lake CA and Corrugated Technologies inc.. Prior to that Richard worked 16 years in various capacities at General Atomics, San Diego, CA


Richard has worked extensively building business applications in a variety of technical environments, most often employing databases. Richard has applied his extensive database and programming experience into building many successful internet applications, including eCommerce, scheduling systems, Secure Portals and School Testing applications. Richard has also extensively worked in the irrigation industry and built a large variety of web presences and web applications in that industry. See more here>>.


Richard has a BS and an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado.