RK Associates specializes in developing web sites that are really web based business applications. A simple example is a scheduling system that allows customers of a service company to schedule appointments on-line.

The company determines the schedule available for service calls, how many per day, AM and PM and other pertinent information. Through an administrative “backend”, available only through a secure login that the company knows, the schedule is established. Customers go to the website and log in using a pre-assigned ID and password and schedule appointments. The company can view appointments in several ways (by date, zip code, etc.) and often print hard copy reports, sometimes for service technicians to take on service calls.

Normally, each such scheduling application is somewhat different from another since most companies have their own specific requirements.

There are MANY other types of internet applications. E commerce, secure portals, non-profits, etc. Examples of some of these developed by RK Associates can be seen here.

We also offer the following other services:


Many small companies want a simple website to act as a starting point for their business. We have developed hundreds of these, usually 3 to 5 pages, maybe with a contact form where someone interested in the company products / services can send in a form. Typically, we do these sites for a small fixed fee that includes the domain registration and one year of hosting.startup